WTF Health: Diameter & Availity Break it Down

Deep-Dive Into Availity’s Acquisition of Diameter Health

Diameter Health’s President and COO, Mary Lantin, and Availity’s CEO, Russ Thomas, sat down with the insightful Jessica Demassa, Health Innovation Report and Host of “WTF Health – What’s the Future, Health?” to dig deep into the recent acquisition. The in-depth conversation spans the need to tackle the billions of dollars of waste in healthcare, the opportunity to leverage data to do so, and the unique opportunities that come from bringing Diameter Health’s Upcycling clinical data capabilities together with Availity’s 20-plus years of experience with claims data to solve the challenge. The future of a comprehensive, longitudinal patient record that drives better value and care is closer than ever. Hear Russ, Mary, and Jessica break it all down in the latest episode.

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