Data Quality Improvement

Accelerate the availability and usability of actionable, upcycled clinical data to transform healthcare operations and improve outcomes with standard, longitudinal, and interoperable data

Diameter Health’s Fusion engine normalizes, enriches, and optimizes multi-source, multi-format clinical data in real-time and at scale to improve quality and interoperability with upcycled data.

With proven uplift of 40-80% in clinical data quality and average processing time of 0.66 seconds per Continuity of Care Document (CCD), Fusion maximizes value from your existing investments in data, people, and technology, while accelerating the availability of upcycled data for better decision making across the healthcare industry.

Cloud-hosted and fully automated, Fusion upcycles billions of clinical data elements with precision and specificity from clinical input sources, including C-CDA, HL7v2, FHIRr4, Flat Files, and more, based on deep industry and clinical data expertise, to optimize workflows and speed time to value.

Features and Benefits

Fusion’s comprehensive five-step process upcycles raw healthcare data — from EHRs, aggregators and health information exchanges, health plans, providers, health systems and labs — and automatically delivers a consistent, structured, standards-based data asset in real time. Multiple input and output options include HL7 v2 messages, C-CDA documents, flat files, QRDA I/III, and FHIR.

Key Benefits

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Ingests and optimizes multi-format health data in real-time. Data loads of 1.8 million CCDs per day and 20 million HL7v2 messages per day.

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Cloud-agnostic, HITRUST software-as-a-service architecture integrates via API into existing environments.

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NCQA and ONC-certified technology renders the most complete, precise view of the patient or population and is fully auditable.



While FHIR offers many benefits, it doesn’t solve the challenge of deriving value from dirty legacy clinical data. Solution developers, HIEs and health plans can avoid negative impact on member and provider satisfaction by addressing data quality issues with Diameter Health’s Fusion technology. Fusion optimizes legacy clinical data and automatically converts it to FHIR resources.

Fusion is FHIR-enabled with a comprehensive set of FHIR APIs that enable a broad range of enterprise use cases, as well as a FHIR server, FHIR store, and a real-time legacy data converter. Source data is made actionable through normalization, enrichment and deduplication. Then it’s converted into FHIR resources — regardless of its original form.

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