Data Quality Monitoring

Analyze clinical data source quality in real-time to produce completeness and syntax grades for informed use and upstream source improvement

Diameter Health’s Data Dashboard solution monitors inbound data quality and surfaces quality ratings, using over 300 configurable rules produced by clinical data and interoperability experts, to weight and measure source data usability. Based on one of the largest real-world collections of clinical documents to produce reliable, proven rules, Data Dashboard examines source data syntax and content validity, completeness across and within clinical domains, and data accuracy to inform strategic and effective use

Data Dashboard provides detailed feedback required to improve the interoperability of clinical documents, including C32, C-CDA 1.1, C-CDA 2.1, and HL7v2, with references to national resources, (e.g. HL7, LOINC, ICD-9/10, RxNorm, UCUM, SNOMED). Our customers and partners leverage monitoring capabilities to drive large-scale documentation performance and quality improvement initiatives as well as analyze cohorts of data to generate key insights.

Features and Benefits

No matter how advanced your data acquisition strategy, poor quality data will result in less value realized. Diameter Health technology monitors and manages source data quality, enabling HIEs and aggregators to onboard data sources efficiently and improve data quality.  

Ongoing measurement and feedback on multi-source data quality are the first steps toward sustainable improvement of source clinical data. Our data quality dashboard calculates and scores clinical data quality and monitors trends over time. An intuitive user interface enables administrators to visualize data quality issues, and communicate those back to originators as required.

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Document quality ratings are instantly generated, using hundreds of configurable rules related to completeness, syntax and consistency.

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Analyze a snapshot of data, or monitor quality over time.

Key Value Props

Real-Time Evaluation

Includes assessment of data completeness, syntax and accuracy and is validated in production using millions of clinical documents.

Explores Data Quality Over Multiple Dimensions

Intuitive dashboards support multiple summary views as well as drill-down capability to individual patient details.

Configurable rules

Provides over 300 clinically-validated rules which may be configured in terms of weighting and severity to meet unique customer needs.

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