COVID-19 accelerated the use of digital data by state and federal government agencies, highlighting the need for normalized, standards-based and comprehensive data to effectively monitor and manage the pandemic. Whether on the frontlines of supporting patient care for 9 million veterans or facing mounting case reports related to the pandemic, government entities need scalable, real-time solutions for accurate analytics and care decisions.  In our work with Veterans Affairs and state governments, we are meeting the data challenges that can otherwise bog down government agencies and their partners.

Diameter Health serves government agencies in collaboration with partners who are experts in large-scale software system design and implementation. The Fusion upcycling technology integrates seamlessly via API into existing architectures to improve the value of the data that is collected. The data quality monitoring solution provides actionable feedback to data originators, such as labs and providers. With advanced support for FHIR including a built-in legacy data converter, Fusion ensures compliance with the FHIR standard and government mandates, such as the CMS Patient Access and Interoperability rules.

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Key Value Props

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Automatically monitor data quality

70% of lab reports don’t use correct vocabulary or units of measure, and are often missing valuable information such as race and ethnicity. Data Dashboard automatically flags these issues to drive clinical data improvement.

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Address Coding Challenges

COVID-19 codes are new, and 30-50% of diagnoses and suspected exposures are not using appropriate ICD-10 or SNOMED codes. Diameter Health continually updates our terminology to stay current with national standard codesets.

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Protect Lives
at Risk

With the health of so many millions of individuals at risk from public health emergencies such as opioid abuse and the coronavirus, you can depend on Fusion to be clinically accurate, secure and scalable.

Government use cases

Population health

Identify cohorts of populations for chronic care management or crisis intervention – such as to address opioid abuse — using upcycled clinical data from Diameter Health.

Data quality monitoring

Organizations like the VA depend on thousands of community partners to provide care under government-funded programs. Data Dashboard automatically flags issues such as missing or incorrectly coded data or units to improve data quality from providers and labs. 

Agency-wide data management

Incorporate Diameter Health technology into an agency-wide data strategy to ensure that data can be collected once, upcycled via Fusion, and used across many use cases including population health, clinical care, and research. Supports standards such as FHIR for compliance with federal mandates.

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