Joining Forces to Drive Powerful Positive Changes in Our Nation’s Health System


This is an exciting day for me and all the talented, dedicated people that made this day a reality. Today, we are announcing that the nation’s largest real-time health information network, Availity, has entered into an agreement to acquire Diameter Health. Integrating Availity’s clinical data gateway capabilities with Diameter Health’s Upcycling Data™ technology positions us to deliver the strongest integrated clinical and claims data network and interoperability platform in healthcare.

This is hugely important. Why? Since our founding, Diameter Health‘s mission has been to make data accessible, actionable, and organized for better health and a more efficient healthcare system. By joining with Availity, we will create the nation’s preeminent data acquisition and interoperability platform – empowering providers and health plans with actionable, real-time, and precise data insights to drive better care. By combining our respective capabilities and talent and sitting at the intersection of stakeholders across the industry, together we can truly disrupt the healthcare industry and break new ground in advancing data intelligence, standardization, and interoperability.

For the past 8+ years, we have committed ourselves to building fast, scalable, reliable technology to transform raw clinical data into a clean, fit-for-use data asset – through a process we call Upcycling Data™. Upcycling is more than normalizing data to make coding consistent. It’s more than optimizing it for a single purpose. It’s ingesting a huge volume of data from everywhere patients receive care, reconciling disparate coding terminologies, synthesizing it into a person-centric view, and making it flexible to serve multiple purposes. Combining Diameter’s API technology and Upcycling engine with Availity’s Clinical Gateway capabilities will enable health plans, providers, and technology partners to drive powerful positive changes in our nation’s health system – and we can’t wait to get started.

Eric Rosow
Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder

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