Diameter Health & Availity: Building the premier healthcare data and engagement platform for better health and a more efficient healthcare system

At Diameter Health, we are committed to bringing cutting-edge technology and clinical data expertise to our customers and partners. We seek to solve complex healthcare and outcomes-related challenges with interoperable, complete, and fit-for-purpose clinical data at scale. This data asset enables our partners to maximize value from strategic investments in people, data, and technology and drive impact across operational, clinical, and financial use cases.

With our recent announcement of becoming part of Availity’s successful and growing healthcare business, our mission and our capacity for impact have been taken to new heights.

Availity is the nation’s largest real-time health information network, connecting over 2 million providers with health plans nationwide and processing more than 13 billion transactions annually. By combining Availity’s extensive network with Diameter Heath’s powerful Data UpcyclingTM capabilities, we are poised to deliver the market’s strongest integrated clinical and claims data network and interoperability platform. This will transform the healthcare industry by streamlining data acquisition and powering clinical data workflows with clean, actionable, and intelligent data, unlike any other product that exists today.

With a fully integrated data access and usability platform, we will now fuel more innovations in value-based care arrangements, provide seamless information exchange between providers, health plans, and technology partners, and empower workflows with high-quality, fit-for-use data.

As part of Availity, our automated, scalable technology has the potential to reach all ends of the healthcare industry and truly disrupt the health information exchange and data interoperability space. We will tap into the power of a massive clinical and claims data network and deliver robust solutions that will fundamentally improve how and what data is exchanged in healthcare.

Combining Diameter Health’s Upcycling technology with Availity’s Clinical Gateway capabilities, we will support plans, providers, and partners with:

Looking ahead at our exciting future, I think about how far we have come and how we have not once waivered from our mission: to make data universally accessible, organized, and actionable for better health and a more efficient healthcare system. The Diameter Health team has always been motivated to make a difference, to improve how our families and loved ones receive care, to challenge legacy processes that do not benefit the patient – and the team with this passion and grit only grows in size as we become part of Availity. Now, we are eager to sharpen our pencils and commence Diameter Health’s next chapter. We promise to bring energy, innovation, expertise, and creativity to solving healthcare’s most intractable problems and building a bright future. We look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

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