MoonShots & The Right Stuff, Diameter Forum 2020

Diameter Health recently concluded its second-ever customer forum, which featured lively and interactive discussions on a wide range of use cases for digital health data in which data quality is critical to success. For a view from “backstage” see our previous post. Below and in subsequent posts we highlight more key takeaways from Diameter Forum 2020.

Oh, what a year it was. Eric Rosow (aka “The Gatherer”), CEO of Diameter Health, kicked off the event by recognizing customer successes and Diameter Health’s growth in 2020 despite (or indeed propelled by) the shock of COVID to our collective body.

“Our vision and opportunity have never been more vital … and we will never stray from our vision and mission.” But “vision and ambition without execution are nothing”, Eric reminded us, and in 2020, we executed.

The big news was that we closed a Series B investment round of $18M to support our important work ahead “to enable true data interoperability across various data sources, standards and formats.” We grew to over 70 team members, and while we continue to expand our partnerships with HIEs on initiatives related to COVID and FHIR among others, 2020 saw an expansion into helping forward-thinking health and life insurance organizations get the most value from their clinical data. We were proud to continue our support for the VA and add our work with the State of California public health department to our growing list of government customers.

Eric’s an avid reader and we are always adding to that proverbial pile on the bedside table after listening to him. This time he referenced The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, calling out his favorite quote:

The best pilots fly more than the others; that’s why they’re the best.

He tied that back to our work at Diameter Health, where our Fusion engine, which has processed billions of data elements and millions of clinical documents, is earning a reputation as the gold standard for health data optimization.

Check out Eric’s session below.

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