Reflections From Backstage at Diameter Forum 2020

We held our second annual, and first–ever virtual, Diameter Forum on December 3rd and 4th. The event featured presentations, panel discussions and, for healthy fun, a yoga-based stretching session, as well as a cooking class. Since we could not belly up to the bar with our newfound friends, or nod hello in the fitness center to our buddies, we also sponsored a networking center. Early feedback from attendees was very positive and we can’t wait to hear more. Please take a moment to fill out the survey if you were able to attend! 

I had the pleasure of working closely with customers, partners and Diameter Health team members to develop the content for the event. That meant starting with an idea and then meeting with the panelists to flesh it out based on all their unique and valuable contributions. From my perspective backstage during the event and in many meetings leading up to it, it was clear that what motivates our customers and partners is their aspiration to improve how healthcare works. While it sounds cliché to my ears to say they are passionate, it’s true.  

Although the Forum didn’t go off entirely without a hitch — we had a few “but–it–worked–during–rehearsal!” moments, some persistent barking dogs, and at least one internet connection hiccup — John D’Amore never needed to hoist his special “You’re on Mute!” coffee mug. So, that’s a victory! (Thank you to all the attendees and panelists for your patience when we weren’t perfect.) 

We heard a wide range of use cases for digital health data in which data quality is critical to success: public health reporting on COVID–19; HEDIS quality reporting, risk adjustment and closing care gaps for health plans; underwriting for life insurance; longitudinal records to inform providers’ care decisions; and FHIR standards to give consumers access to their own health information. But a universal theme and shared experience across these scenarios and industries is, as Sarah London of Centene put it, “You have to do all the unsexy stuff first. You have to get the data right.” 

My key takeaway from the event? That the Diameter Health community really is … a thing. No matter what the desired end result – whether it’s achieving operational efficiency, supporting public health, or meeting consumer expectations, we’re in it together.  Our community of health data activists understand the hard work that needs to be done to reap the benefits of good clean health data.  

Watch this space for our series on the Diameter Forum, which will cover highlights of selected panel discussions.  

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