WHITEPAPER: Harnessing Data for a Healthier Future: Overcoming Fragmentation to Improve Pandemic Response, Care Outcomes, and Equity

To effectively harness multi-source and multi-format clinical data, healthcare organizations must first overcome the challenges of poor standardization, isolated data sources, fragmented care, and socio-economic inequities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered the need for greater transparency and interoperability of clinical data to drive public-health initiatives.

Challenges with data quality, inconsistent standardization, and silos imposed by communication gaps within states and nationally limit the ability to gain real-time population insights on critical vaccination data, COVID-19 test results, as well as medical and demographic documentation from providers and hospital settings.

As the world continues to face new and evolving health challenges, high-quality data and semantic interoperability will play a vital role in ensuring that healthcare systems are equipped to respond effectively and equitably. Download our latest Whitepaper to learn how Availity Fusion is enabling clients and partners to take raw clinical data and use it to fuel emerging population health needs to deliver quality experiences in a cost-efficient manner.

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