Generate the Cleanest, Most Precise Data Assets for Flexible Deployment at Scale

Clinical data holds tremendous promise to facilitate transformative change in the industry. However, non-conformant codes, details buried in text, redundancy, and other systemic data quality issues severely limit the usability of clinical data. Organizations seeking to overcome the difficulties of unifying many clinical data sources from Electronica Health Records (EHRs), lab systems, and health information exchanges are turning to Availity’s automated, scalable technology and clinical informatics expertise to streamline operations, inform decisions and accelerate data interoperability, at scale.

Lucy Parente, Director of Strategy, Availity Clinical Solutions (formerly Diameter Health), highlights a few real-world examples of clinical data challenges and demonstrates how healthcare organizations can use Diameter Health’s automated data transformation engine, Fusion, to produce Upcycled Data – data that is normalized to national standards, interoperable, deduplicated, consolidated into a longitudinal record, and available in fit-for-purpose data packages for flexible deployment at scale.

Diameter Deep Dive: Upcycling Clinical Data

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