Accelerate Interoperability at Scale by Optimizing FHIR with High-Quality Data

Today, clinical data from siloed sources across the industry exist in various formats, both standard and non-standard, and FHIR is only just becoming more ubiquitous. To successfully leverage FHIR to its full potential, organizations must first convert legacy data sources. This conversion process is incredibly complex because of the evolving FHIR specifications and lack of a one-to-one crosswalk from other standard formats. 

Lucy Parente, Director of Strategy, Availity Clinical Solutions (formerly Diameter Health), demonstrates how Availity’s real-time FHIR conversion process converts high volumes of multi-source, multi-format clinical data into an interoperable FHIR standard and flexible data asset for various downstream use cases.

Diameter Deep Dive: Real-Time FHIR Conversion

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