Turning Data Potential into Data Power to Fuel Insights and Accelerate Healthcare Delivery Transformation

The amount of clinical data that is being generated is exponentially increasing every day. Health-related data is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 36% through 2025.1 Such data holds tremendous promise to improve care delivery processes and patient outcomes, reduce waste and administrative inefficiencies and fuel much needed innovation across the industry. But to successfully tap into the potential of clinical data and unleash its full power, it needs to go through a comprehensive data standardization and transformation process, a process that we call Data Upcycling, to create the cleanest, clearest, most precise data in the healthcare space.  

Clinical data holds tremendous promise to facilitate transformative change in the industry. However, non-conformant codes, details buried in text, redundancy, and other systemic data quality issues severely limit the usability of clinical data. Organizations seeking to overcome the difficulties of unifying many clinical data sources from Electronica Health Records (EHRs), lab systems, and health information exchanges are turning to Diameter Health’s automated, scalable technology and clinical informatics expertise to streamline operations, inform decisions and accelerate data interoperability, at scale.

Ashley Basile, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer at Diameter Health, gives insight into Diameter Health’s comprehensive approach to Upcycling Data™ from multiple sources so it can be leveraged as a strategic asset to deliver timely insight into patient health and population trends. Dr. Basile also provides her unique perspective on Availity’s acquisition of Diameter Health and how combining each company’s proprietary technology and team of visionary leaders creates an incredible opportunity to equip payers, providers, and other healthcare industry stakeholders with intelligent data-driven workflows to help support a more efficient healthcare system.

Availity was founded in 2001 as a joint venture of one national and one regional, Florida-based health plan with a vision to make it easier for health plans and providers to collaborate by streamlining processes and reducing administrative abrasion. Today, Availity is one of the nation’s largest health information networks connecting over two million providers with health plans nationwide, processing more than 13 billion transactions on an annual basis.

Combining forces with Diameter Health uniquely positions Availity at the intersection of stakeholders across the industry. Further enabling a global network of seamless data exchange by fostering collaboration that’s powered by Upcycled Data to advance analytics and enable intelligent data-driven workflows. These capabilities empower health plans, providers and other industry partners with fit-for-purpose data insights that can be used for specific workflows to improve care delivery and close important gaps in care, address barriers to care, avoid duplication of services, and enhance the overall care experience; ultimately improving long-term health outcomes while reducing the per capita cost of health care.

To learn more about Diameter Health’s automated solution for upcycling clinical data from multiple sources into an interoperable data asset that is ready to use, download the “Why Upcycling Data Matters” brief.

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