Mary Lantin and Russ Thomas Discuss the Power of Data in Healthcare

Today, Availity operates the largest real-time information network in healthcare, connecting two million providers, health plans, and their technology partners by creating a richer, more transparent exchange of information. Availity’s acquisition of Diameter Health started with a shared vision, to simplify the process of healthcare. Together, Availity and Diameter Health are streamlining the way health plans, providers, and technology partners are sharing information to drive long-term health outcomes through clean, usable Upcycled Data™.

Mary Lantin, Diameter Health’s former President and COO, serves as General Manager of Clinical Solutions at Availity. She recently met with Russ Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of Availity, to discuss Diameter Health’s next chapter in becoming a foundational pillar of Availity’s broader platform offering, to enable better outcomes for providers and health plans nationally.

Living in a digital age, the modern healthcare consumer wants to take charge of their health by having their medical information at the touch of their fingertips — accessible whenever and wherever they need it. But gaining access to comprehensive health information as a consumer can be challenging, particularly when the average consumer sees 18 different health professionals across a variety of care settings during their lives.1 And for healthcare service purveyors, it can be equally difficult to acquire, integrate, use, and deploy member data that is generated across disparate medical record systems. 

That’s why the next level of healthcare innovation is dependent on synergizing clinical and administrative data to help drive a more holistic delivery of care while reducing the administrative burden for providers, all in real time. Organizations who leverage Availity’s experience in the healthcare industry and its capacity to facilitate billions of clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually with Diameter Health’s Fusion technology spur greater collaboration and accountability among various stakeholders benefiting the entire healthcare system, not just the company’s position. 

For providers this means having a complete patient health record that showcases accurate, up-to-date evidence of coverage to help them make more informed decisions on next steps in care. For health plans, this provides valuable insights into their members’ clinical history that could be used to tailor care management programs to target specific chronic disease states while driving benefit utilization and engagement. For consumers, improving healthcare interoperability with Upcycled, standardized data means knowing the people and organizations they entrust with their health and well-being are working together to provide cost-effective care that will help improve their overall quality of life.

Combining forces uniquely positions Availity and Diameter Health at the intersection of stakeholders across the industry. Together, they are disrupting the healthcare industry by integrating respective capabilities, talent, and innovative technology to advance data intelligence, standardization, and interoperability. To learn more about how pairing Diameter Health’s API technology and Fusion engine with Availity’s clinical Gateway capabilities is helping health plans, providers, and partners deliver fit-for-purpose data and enable bidirectional and intelligent workflows that support care gap closures, quality and care measurement, risk adjustment, and automated prior authorization, please click here.

1. “Survey: Patients See 18.7 Different Doctors on Average.” Fierce Healthcare, 27 Apr. 2010,

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