Apervita and Diameter Health Partner to Realize a Higher Standard of Clinical Data Quality Across Healthcare Industry

Partnership will add health data optimization capabilities to the interoperability layer of Apervita’s collaboration platform to power quality measurement and value optimization solutions

CHICAGO, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apervita, the trusted platform for healthcare collaboration, and Diameter Health, a fast-growing leader in health data interoperability and optimization, today announced a partnership to accelerate digital quality measurement and value-based care by providing access to clean, normalized, and enriched clinical data. The alliance will significantly increase the quality and volume of digital data available for quality measurements, which are often utilized for reimbursement as well as value-based contracts between providers and payers.

Health systems and health plans are grappling today with high volumes of multi-source, multi-format healthcare data, a phenomenon perpetuated by millions of clinicians using various EHR solutions to document care differently. This chronic, systematic information breakdown, which Diameter Health refers to as “Clinical Data Disorder,” has created a bevy of downstream issues for the healthcare industry. For providers and payers that rely on this fragmented data for the purposes of quality measurement, grappling with lots of non-interoperable clinical data means settling for an incomplete and often inaccurate view of providing and being reimbursed for quality care.

Through this new alliance with Diameter Health, Apervita adds robust normalization and aggregation capabilities to its already powerful and scalable collaboration platform, fulfilling the industry’s need for clean clinical data. Embedding Diameter’s technology within the platform strengthens and further enables Apervita’s cutting-edge data interoperability layer. This is a meaningful step forward in the movement for standards-driven interoperability. The partnership also accelerates Apervita’s mission to transform quality measurement, care delivery and value-based payment through its trusted collaboration platform.

“We’re proud to be a leader in digital quality measurement,” said Apervita CEO Kevin Hutchinson. “With over 3,000 hospitals deployed on the Apervita platform for quality measure reporting, we understand the need for clean, normalized data. As an industry, we’re on the cusp of truly standardized, precision measurement but in order to guarantee the accuracy and quality of every measure, we must all commit to a higher standard of clinical data quality. Diameter Health helps us achieve that commitment and we’re looking forward to transforming the standards of data quality across the healthcare industry with them.”

Quality measure accuracy is predicated on the standardization of the measure specification and the quality and completeness of the data used to calculate the measures. When health systems, large provider organizations and payers try to use this data in any meaningful way, they immediately run into data quality roadblocks. For example, Diameter Health, who has deep expertise in processing millions of clinical documents from across 100+ EHRs and 3,000+ source systems, has found, on average, over half of clinical results from labs are deemed unusable due to missing or incorrect codes or units of measure. A recent analysis of breast screening data optimized by Diameter Health yielded a 110% improvement over original source data and demonstrates the power of their technology.

Diameter Health’s automated clinical data optimization solution will clean, normalize and enrich health system data, enabling Apervita to ingest this data in real-time and at scale into its quality measurement and value optimization solutions to provide providers, payers and industry stakeholders with high-quality data they can actually put to use.

“Diameter Health is proud to be selected as the clinical data quality technology partner embedded within the Apervita collaboration platform, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership,” said Eric Rosow, Diameter Health CEO. “Apervita is making significant strides in advancing digital quality measurement and providing the necessary infrastructure to enable value-based care delivery. We are thrilled to be a critical and foundational component to Apervita’s platform by delivering clean, normalized, and enriched multi-source clinical data to their customers, empowering providers, payers and other healthcare stakeholders to improve quality and deliver value.”

Apervita believes collaboration is the key to drive efficiency and make the Learning Health System a reality. Through its partnership with Diameter Health, Apervita will leverage industry- leading data standardization tools which will improve their value and speed to market. Similarly, Apervita can help enable collaboration amongst payers, providers and other industry stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of digital measurement, value-based contracts and clinical workflows to more rapidly improve patient care.

About Apervita
Apervita is the trusted healthcare collaboration platform for quality measurement, clinical intelligence and value optimization. We empower payers and providers and other stakeholders to more efficiently and effectively measure clinical and financial performance, improve clinical quality and administer and run analytics on value-based contracts. By providing an independent, secure, trusted platform to perform shared analyses, Apervita uniquely allows stakeholders to gain mutual, continuous clinical and financial insights and integrate those insights in various systems and workflows simultaneously and at scale. Serving more than one in two hospitals in the United States and several nationally recognized health plans, Apervita conducts more than 10 billion value-based computations and insights for our clients every year. The company is headquartered in Chicago.

About Diameter Health
Diameter Health is the standard for health data optimization, transforming raw patient information into the highest quantity and quality of interoperable data for healthcare organizations. Powered by automated, scalable, auditable technology and a team of industry experts, Diameter Health delivers actionable and enriched data that enables real-time transactions, improved analytics, reduced cost, and better care outcomes. The Diameter Health technology enables organizations that depend on multi-source clinical data streams, such as health plans, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), healthcare IT, life insurers, and health systems to realize greater value from their data.

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