Your Quick Guide to FHIR Resources

FHIR is the new standard for how healthcare data can be exchanged, and because it’s now a federally mandated standard for payers and health information technology tools, we are launching a set of educational tracks including the 3-Minute Diameter Download video series.

In this video, President and co-founder John D’Amore explores FHIR “resources” and “profiles,” the key building blocks for the new healthcare data standard.

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In addition to our video series, check out our webinar on demand.

“Health Plans Face the FHIR” Panel Discussion

Join Jocelyn Keegan (Point of Care Partners, Da Vinci), Mike Baillie (UnitedHealth Group), and your host John D’Amore (Diameter Health) for a panel discussion about how health plans are gearing up for compliance and adopting the use of FHIR more broadly.

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