HCSC & Diameter Health Partner to Accelerate FHIR Compliance and Use of High-Quality, Standard Data to Advance Clinical Data Accelerator Program 


The CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule established the requirement for healthcare providers to provide direct access to patients’ electronic medical records via APIs. Many providers and health plans turned to interoperability solutions to support compliance with this mandate by July 1, 2021 and prepare to exchange data in the new FHIR standard. 


Health Care Services Corp., (HCSC), like many health plans, lacked the infrastructure to manage, standardize, and convert massive amounts of legacy data streams into FHIR resources to support patient access to their medical records.


HCSC partnered with Diameter Health to design a scalable, enterprise-level clinical data infrastructure that standardized, enriched, and converted >420 million historical data records, including CCDs HL7v2 messages, and FHIR resources, into >6 billion analytics-ready FHIR resources in under three months.


This infrastructure is now the foundation of HCSC’s Clinical Data Accelerator program and at the center of HCSC’s data-driven approach to innovation and interoperability. As a result of their work with Diameter Health, HCSC was awarded by ONC for being among just 5% of plans nationally to successfully meet the Patient Access rule by the original deadline and is now poised to leverage high-quality, interoperable data across all clinical use cases. 

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