What will the next decade bring for HIEs?

Nearly a decade ago, Diameter Health began its journey partnering with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) to achieve our mission of making data universally accessible, organized, and actionable for better health and a more efficient healthcare system.  At that time, HIEs were the only entities that had a high enough volume of clinical data on which to prove out a scalable tool for multi-source data aggregation and semantic normalization. Today, Diameter Health technology has unmatched speed and scale, with sub-second processing time for individual clinical documents and over two million documents daily per customer. We have ingested millions of patient records for upwards of 160 million individuals to date through our Upcycling Data™ technology. We owe much of that scalability to our HIE partners.  

Federal funding under the HITECH Act was a down payment on HIE infrastructure. HIEs are now responsible for delivering strategic value to their participants for continued sustainability. To meet that challenge, our HIE partners are delivering innovative solutions built on a foundation of high-quality clinical data. Additionally, market forces are reinforcing the critical role of HIEs as health data utilities and aggregators in a connected healthcare ecosystem: 

In the face of these market forces and the need for sustainable business models, our customers are leveraging Upcycled Data as a strategic asset for deployment in care coordination, HEDIS/quality, risk adjustment, public health, payer to payer, and patient access use cases among others.

Diameter Health’s Fusion technology for Upcycling Data – that is, making clinical data interoperable and actionable – is a critical component of a best-of-breed HIE tech stack. Fusion integrates via API with data lakes and workflow tools and can produce data fit for a variety of purposes from a single source of truth. For example, Upcycled Data can be generated from multi-source Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) or HL7v2 messages and delivered as real-time FHIR resources or longitudinal, summarized patient records. 

Here are just a few of the ways in which HIEs are delivering on their missions of driving better health outcomes and supporting their members, in partnership with Diameter Health:

We’ve made great achievements in data interoperability over the last decade because of our constant collaboration with HIEs. We are excited about the what the next decade will bring!

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