Diameter Health Begins 2022 with Record Growth and Momentum

Market Demand to Leverage Clinical Data as an Asset Fuels Strong Growth Evidenced by Industry Partnerships, Expansion of Customer Base, and Team

Farmington, CT—January 18, 2022— Diameter Health, a fast-growing leader in health data interoperability and optimization, today announced that the company closed out 2021 with record success. Notable milestones include strong growth in the company’s customer base, partnerships with industry leaders, and the addition of new talent in senior leadership and other levels of the organization. The company also launched a new brand that highlights Diameter Health’s unique and differentiated process of turning data potential into data power —Upcycling Data™—that drives better health and a more efficient healthcare system.

Commercial Growth

Diameter Health is meeting the critical need to accelerate the usability of clinical data across multiple markets, including national payers and healthcare technology solution vendors as well as government entities, health information exchanges, and life insurers.

In 2021, revenues continued to grow significantly as Diameter Health expanded its relationship with customers and established broader footprints in new markets. For example, leaders in Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurance are deploying Diameter Health technology at an enterprise level to ensure the accuracy of member risk, improve member quality of care, facilitate government compliance, and accelerate innovation and analytics at scale.

The company also furthered its reputation as a best-in-class and trusted solution for industry-leading solution providers. Among notable partnerships, Surescripts joined forces with Diameter Health to provide timely, easily accessible, and standardized patient data that readily communicates comprehensive patient histories to specialty pharmacies as part of its Specialty Medications Gateway, reducing time to treatment.

“Diameter Health was the clear choice to accelerate the expansion of our clinical intelligence capabilities,” said Andrew Mellin, M.D., Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer at Surescripts. “Its best-of-breed technology enables us to deliver more complete and timelier patient-centric data to specialty pharmacists to speed time to therapy.”

The company was also selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Amazon HealthLake Connector Partner based on its ability to transform legacy clinical data into the standard FHIR format in real-time. In addition, Ciox, a leader in technology to unlock the potential of data in medical records, recently partnered with Diameter Health to leverage the Fusion engine to enhance the value of its data retrieval offering with upcycled clinical data. Global reinsurance leader Swiss Re announced that it was joining forces with Diameter Health to offer the first-ever scalable solution to use electronic clinical health data for life insurance underwriting.

Diameter Health also supported a statewide system for COVID-19 reporting by automating the normalization of lab test data and renewed its support of the Veteran’s Administration data quality monitoring program. Also in 2021, under the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Data Aggregator Validation Program, Diameter Health achieved NCQA Certified Data Partner status, helping leading health information exchanges and aggregators leverage Diameter Health’s conformant outbound CCD and validate the trustworthiness of their data streams.

Company Growth

Diameter Health has also made significant investments in growing its world-class team of clinical informatics experts and scaling the organization to meet market demand, including the expansion of its product, engineering, and client delivery organizations. Overall employee numbers grew significantly in 2021, with multiple new additions to the executive leadership team including Ashley-Kay Basile, Ph.D., Chief Product Officer; Doug Raymond, Chief Information Security Officer; Danny Sands, M.D., M.P.H., Chief Medical Officer; Paulo Pinho, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.P., Medical Director and Vice President of Clinical Innovation; and Shelly Daniels, Vice President of Finance. The company has also added new board members and advisors including James Bradley, Board Chair; Jill Hummel, Board Member; and Marc Willard, Advisor.

“Diameter Health has earned a reputation for clinical informatics expertise and scalable, automated technology that makes health data interoperable and ensures that it is trustworthy,” said Mary Lantin, President and COO of Diameter Health. “Our expanding customer and partner commitments are evidence of this; our team’s growth ultimately supports our customer’s growth. New additions to our team in 2021 bring additional decades of clinical, software development, privacy, and security skills and experience into the organization, as well as deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the markets we serve.”

Turning Data Potential into Data Power

The company also recently launched a new brand, with a new website and logo, to better highlight its unique position in the market and proprietary best-in-class approach to data transformation: Upcycling Data™. As the market increasingly recognizes the potential of clinical data to help organizations achieve their strategic goals, the challenges to effectively use clinical data—notoriously inconsistent and fragmented in its raw state—are being more acutely felt. For nearly a decade, Diameter Health’s focus has been making multi-source clinical data more valuable and usable for analytics and in clinical and administrative workflows. The company is positioned to fulfill market demand for clean, interoperable data at lower operational costs with its proven, scalable technology that complements other tools for data acquisition, storage, and use.

“Diameter Health goes beyond data normalization to enriching and transforming data into the cleanest, clearest, most precise data in the healthcare space. That is what upcycling data is: the process of taking clinical data and making it richer and more interoperable, automatically and at scale,” added Eric Rosow, CEO, Diameter Health. “Our technology and expertise enable our customers and partners to benefit from the full potential of clinical data—with rich insights into the health journey of individuals and the needs of entire populations—and in doing so, give them the power to transform their businesses.”

About Diameter Health

Diameter Health is the trusted partner for organizations seeking to realize the greatest value from clinical data. Diameter Health’s automated, scalable technology and clinical informatics expertise turns data potential into data power by generating Upcycled Data: a clean, clear, precise data asset that is ready to use to drive better health outcomes and greater efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Founded in 2013 with a focus on making digital health data universally accessible and actionable, Diameter Health supports stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem whose success depends on timely and accurate clinical data on the health of individuals and populations. Its technology transforms high volumes of multi-source clinical data into an interoperable and flexible data asset that drives better clinical and business outcomes. Customers and partners include some of the nation’s leading health insurance organizations; health information exchanges (HIEs) and data aggregators; life insurance and insuretech vendors; and health information technology (HIT) solution vendors and systems integrators.

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