Diameter Health’s CEO Eric Rosow celebrated at the Hartford Health Equity Expo

Driving Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Future of Healthcare

Eric Rosow, Cofounder and CEO of Diameter Health, was recently interviewed at the inaugural Plug and Play & Hartford Health Equity Expo in Hartford, Connecticut. Before Rosow cofounded Diameter Health in 2013, his first startup company helped pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable healthcare system in the Hartford region, Silicon Valley, and beyond.

Jeffery Flaks, President & CEO of Hartford Healthcare, gave the keynote address which stressed the importance of continuously enhancing the health startup ecosystem to help drive cutting-edge solutions for the future of healthcare. Flaks also paid tribute to the meaningful impact Rosow had on improving the delivery of care, patient experience, and health outcomes as the Director of Biomedical Engineering at Hartford Hospital. To listen to the full keynote address, please visit and fast-forward to minute 14.

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