Weaving a healthcare data fabric takes a village: thoughts from ViVE 2022

The energy and exuberance generated at the recent ViVE conference in Miami Beach were palpable.

It was great to catch up with friends and colleagues over meals, between conference sessions, and on the exhibit floor. To gather as a community that shares similar interests and common goals was inspiring.

The health information technology industry has certainly made significant strides over the last two years during the pandemic—even while many of us were restricted to Zoom meetings from our home offices. Advances in telemedicine as standard practice, accelerating the retrieval and sharing of medical records digitally rather than “pulling charts” in physicians’ offices, strengthening public health infrastructure to automate disease surveillance and COVID reporting come to mind.

One common goal that emerged at the conference is the desire to leverage data for better decisions and a more efficient healthcare system. In fact, a frequent theme throughout the panels and conversations at ViVE was how to build a data enterprise and robust data management infrastructure. As the floodgates of data continue to open, there is a renewed sense of urgency around leveraging and deploying data in an efficient, effective, and scalable manner. But how do organizations stitch together disparate data assets from multiple data and application sources, build enrichments around that data, and then extract insights that ultimately are delivered to a data consumer in the right format, in the right place, at the right time?

Panels dedicated to these topics included industry leaders such as Centene, Anthem, UnitedHealth Group, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Intermountain, Kaiser Permanente, and government representatives from the ONC, CMS, and the NIH, many of whom shared insight into their technology roadmaps. However, it is evident that there is no single playbook or magic bullet to building a modern, comprehensive, and scalable data fabric architecture that can advance business goals such as improving patient outcomes, improving the care delivery experience for patients and providers, automating workflows, reducing costs of care, and differentiating and growing one’s business through innovation and disruption. And there is no shortage of vendors that can bring their expertise to bear to help organizations weave together an effective strategy to support a data fabric architecture. 

The healthcare industry continues to have big problems to solve. Bending the cost curve. Disparities in health outcomes and access to quality healthcare. Enabling real-time and secure data exchange at scale. Powering automation and predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes. Providing a delightful healthcare experience for patients and providers. But being back on the conference circuit among the healthcare community reminded me that it takes a village to solve complex problems like these. And that we are making progress. To continue the momentum, we must leverage our combined intellectual capital and technological capabilities to solve them together.

Diameter Health is a critical piece in the broader solution set to enable a robust data infrastructure and enterprise. Successful data management requires a flexible data fabric architecture that includes data integration pipelines, semantic normalization, and data enrichment to support financial, clinical, and operational use cases that can be delivered across multiple deployment and orchestration platforms.

It was confirmed for me time and time again throughout the conference that Diameter Health’s focus on Upcycling Data™ – the process of taking in multisource clinical data, normalizing, enriching, and summarizing that data to create a more standard, complete, and trustworthy clinical data asset – is foundational to any successful data fabric and data management design. But we can’t do it alone. Indeed, we, and the industry, only succeed when upcycled data is shared not only within organizations but across organizations and exchanged via APIs to power many healthcare processes.

Until we meet again!

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