Creating a FHIR MVP: Lessons Learned

While research shows many health plans are taking a “Minimum Viable Product” approach to new FHIR regulations, leading plans are taking a more strategic, “Most Valuable Product” approach to their FHIR architectural plans.

See the video replay of Diameter Health’s webinar,  “Creating a FHIR MVP: Lessons Learned” featuring Diameter Health presenters Ashley Basile, Ph.D. (VP of Strategy),  Sam Schifman (Architect), and Christopher Marchand, (Director of Product).  The webinar includes a discussion about the new FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard, the pitfalls of converting legacy clinical data into FHIR, as well as considerations for an enterprise-wide FHIR architecture.

To learn more or access additional resources on FHIR, you can check out our blog on our 3-Minute Diameter Download series.

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